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Theories go brr
I changed the mane 6 statue a bit btw

Characters from Mlp G5 and G4
safe1676239 artist:niorsaj12 applejack167425 fluttershy209506 hitch trailblazer284 izzy moonbow1168 pinkie pie213304 pipp petals637 rainbow dash230535 rarity179111 sunny starscout894 twilight sparkle296649 alicorn218655 earth pony237763 pegasus280266 pony938903 unicorn311043 g52295 bag4426 female1336156 g4 to g536 grass9248 light1430 male362684 mane six31448 mare466264 signature23287 sitting61393 spread wings52994 stallion104828 statue2276 stone556 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122114 unshorn fetlocks24454 wings100997


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So when g5 starts premiering on tv and or other streaming places does that mean on this site for anything that has fim stuff we’re gonna put a g4 tag when say someone upload a picture of rarity
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Background Pony #0502
@Background Pony #B984
Speaking of Transformers, the fact that G5 takes place in the far, FAR future of FiM reminds me of Beast Wars; in which the series was focused on the descendants of the Autobots and Decepticons: the Maximals and Predacons respectively.
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The irony is, in total opposition of the backlash of the first Transformers movie and Optimus Prime death, we all hope Hasbro have """killed off""" the Mane 6 (because of old age) because it would make more sense for a time skip plot like this (that doesnt exclude cameo via flash backs or time travel plot)
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