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Inspired by this Pinkie Pie pony and human form picture, I wanted to do a Zalgo Pagie version with Zalgo Pagie and his EXE side, Zalgo Pagie.EXE!

So here it is.
semi-grimdark29417 artist:pagiepoppie1234582 earth pony237889 human151728 pegasus280407 pony939419 .exe90 1000 hours in ms paint5561 climbing on head5 clothes448935 human and pony129 male362805 open mouth140162 pegasus human6 pegasus wings206 ponified40284 red eyes5924 sadness182 shirt24091 smiling240446 stitches852 two sides197 unamused15752 wallpaper18439 wings101079 zalgo617 zalgo pagie19


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