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‎February ‎17-March ‎12, ‎2021 commission for anonymous.
Moondancer version: >>2570108
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suggestive151607 artist:king-kakapo1216 part of a set14443 twilight sparkle310308 human162266 2021597 bare shoulders3109 bibliophile132 book35295 breasts296848 candle5129 chest643 choker13654 cleavage36408 clothes488733 commission76504 corset4576 garters2979 humanized103193 levitation12904 lingerie11101 lying down21638 magic77259 panties52293 paper3383 ribbon7353 scroll3522 sleeveless5200 smiling272524 socks70374 solo1121733 stocking feet1133 stockings35338 strapless1815 telekinesis29579 thigh highs39596 underwear63712 white underwear3573


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