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Artist Desc:

#TeamCelestia or #TeamLuna ?? :O

Hi guys! Here is the drawings of the Summer Celestia and Summer Luna! Both girls are in a confrontation for knowing which of them is the favorite! It's difficult choice, but here, you are the judges! Ufff .. You don't know how I would like to be there in middle of them two! ¬!
Sorry ladies, but I can't decide for myself, and that is the reason this drawing is for both of you!
suggestive148349 artist:charliexe364 princess celestia96733 princess luna100762 principal celestia3606 vice principal luna2586 equestria girls206894 beach15908 bikini18954 breasts288552 busty princess celestia10588 busty princess luna7228 chicken dance60 clothes475728 cloud32064 duo64689 duo female11920 eye contact6604 female1401304 hand on hip7495 looking at each other21433 one-piece swimsuit4680 sand2513 sarong1122 skirt41057 sky14957 smiling260709 swimsuit29606 tree33495 water14237


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Background Pony #2F49
I'd usually go for two piece swimsuits, but Celestia's seems to be a couple of sizes too small.
So, Luna it is~