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When I was a just a little lad, or so me mammy told me!  
Away, haul away! We’ll haul away, Joe!  
That if I didn’t kiss the girls, my lips would grow all mouldy!  
Away, haul away! We’ll haul away, Joe!
safe1971222 artist:strafe blitz92 oc836375 oc only614460 oc:lyssa54 oc:red flux103 oc:zeny96 bat pony64116 bird11527 changeling58416 moth1022 mothling387 original species31732 pegasus406419 pony1322905 semi-anthro19142 bat pony oc24942 changeling oc9544 clothes559059 commission96648 compass168 ear fluff41623 fangs33214 featured image1065 female1602866 hat108908 helm43 high res86669 hoof hold10868 male459688 map1639 mare618095 multicolored hair8937 pegasus oc25670 pencil4340 pirate2759 png830 red changeling1692 sailing61 ship1364 slim2238 stallion150041 trio17520 ych result30903


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Background Pony #F832
@Midknight Defender
I was just figuring due to the tuffed ears that he has, well unless he just changed his ears like that. /Shrug Though a bat changeling would be cool.