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Hi! I made this drawing for a contest on a facebook page time ago, which asks that should have the most of likes! (No reactions, just likes Facebook like bullet )
safe1687811 artist:ravenevert50 applejack168309 fluttershy210711 pinkie pie214419 rainbow dash231860 rarity180071 spike78234 twilight sparkle298126 alicorn220884 fish2441 puffer fish257 seapony (g4)4287 my little pony: the movie18870 female1345901 logo3577 looking at you165186 male366392 mane seven6459 mane six31638 my little pony logo3661 open mouth142035 seaponified2212 seapony applejack294 seapony fluttershy356 seapony pinkie pie508 seapony rainbow dash310 seapony rarity350 seapony twilight432 smiling243100 species swap19102 spike the pufferfish212 traditional art116642 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122820 watermark15755 wings103532


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