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I made this drawing inspired logically on the cover of the song 'Chant of Inmortality' I love this song ♥ Enjoy it!

Link of the song: Link from: 4everfreebrony (I hope you like it!)
safe1691713 artist:ravenevert50 applejack168686 discord30719 fluttershy211188 pinkie pie214848 rainbow dash232366 rarity180555 shining armor22980 twilight sparkle298349 alicorn221475 draconequus11371 earth pony243262 pegasus286158 pony953365 unicorn317122 chant of immortality1 earth1092 female1349624 frown22605 glowing eyes11031 immortality blues590 inspiration80 male367872 mane six31711 mare473701 memories187 planet1189 pony bigger than a planet474 sad24344 shooting star959 song981 space5008 stars15371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122786 watermark15828 windswept mane2764 wings104414


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