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suggestive140649 alternate version43640 artist:dieart77498 artist:rileyav645 edit130324 spike78233 starlight glimmer48103 genie1574 equestria girls197750 alternate hairstyle27675 armpits42716 belly button76323 belly dance39 belly dancer877 belly dancer outfit349 blushing194433 breasts272818 clothes452676 cosplay27514 costume27099 cowgirl position6913 equestria girls-ified9472 female1345892 lamp2603 magic lamp64 male366390 older26207 older spike5187 pants14217 recolor4224 shantae292 shipping197737 shorts13720 simple background387090 sparlight597 straight134489 stupid sexy starlight glimmer526 trace1477 transparent background199710