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No really story for this one. Rarity wanted more laughs. Maybe Pinkie got free and liked being a jester and wanted to share it. Maybe I just like jesters!
Semi sequel to this pic
safe1921669 artist:latexia71 fluttershy233408 pinkie pie234673 rainbow dash255018 earth pony339517 pegasus383507 pony1269010 anthro304963 unguligrade anthro56521 ^^1292 big breasts102006 breasts329989 busty fluttershy20260 clothes540912 color palette581 eyes closed115349 face paint1060 female1556684 folded wings11416 hat104248 high res81186 hypno dash120 hypnoshy59 hypnosis3939 hypnotized1893 jester347 jester hat139 jester pie137 latex14946 latex suit4885 mare589369 open mouth187972 paint on fur448 pendulum swing377 pocket watch410 shiny3182 simple background481401 swirly eyes2728 trio14969 trio female3300 wingless5698 wings163456 zipper958


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