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No really story for this one. Rarity wanted more laughs. Maybe Pinkie got free and liked being a jester and wanted to share it. Maybe I just like jesters!
Semi sequel to this pic

safe2154130 artist:latexia90 fluttershy256049 pinkie pie253587 rainbow dash277260 earth pony437791 pegasus487837 pony1582052 anthro354657 unguligrade anthro64420 g42006838 ^^3146 big breasts123785 breasts385147 busty fluttershy23588 clothes625521 color palette801 eyes closed137022 face paint1350 female1780847 folded wings18858 hat122664 high res406163 hypno dash247 hypnoshy149 hypnosis5561 hypnotized2785 jester468 jester hat265 jester pie146 latex18551 latex suit6574 mare728103 open mouth233035 paint on fur465 pendulum swing418 pocket watch476 shiny4055 simple background585427 swirly eyes3374 trio25340 trio female5368 wingless7597 wings216890 zipper1185


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