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sketch-notes said:
Let’s be honest here, the answer is most definitely yes. Also, let’s make sure to pop that hair pin back in after we’re dry this time around.
You tell Sweet Biscuit that it sounds like fun, and ask Moonflower what she thinks.
Moonflower: “Yeah! Let’s play!”
You use towels from a nearby rack to dry yourselves off, then you and Moonflower begin to follow Sweet Biscuit to her room. On the way there, you stop by your own room to retrieve your hairpin.
You equip Star Hairpin.
Sweet Biscuit: “Cute. So, this is your room, huh? Talk about a coincidence, mine’s just across the hall from here!”
Moonflower: “Oh, cool!”
A moment later, you reach Sweet Biscuit’s room, and as you enter, you are greeted by two more unicorn mares.
Sweet Biscuit: “Hey girls! Meet our two new players: Trailblazer, and Moonflower. Trailblazer, Moonflower, that’s Dawn Break on the left, and Sea Swirl on the right.”
Dawn Break: “Welcome.”
Sea Swirl: “Hi there! Don’t be shy, come take a seat! We were just about to get started.”
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