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My Fallout headcanon world vector profile ◕◡◕

In this mod, Nocturnal Vision is the embodiment of vigilance, as she is constantly concerned with being a vigilant watchpone against anything related to that which is not good. She was a lone wanderer upon her earthly journey, before the then-unreformed Blink sought to enlist her into his contraband (unaware he himself was being manipulated). She refused to follow through, and the fire-winged alicorn stallion attacked her to take her back by force. She was rescued out of the blue by Killer Epic, who chased off the contraband pony after a short standoff. Nocturnal Vision was both grateful and excited to have met her favorite artist now rescuer, and their friendship-duet was thereby started.😊

She was taken under his wing as he became her guardian thereafter to protect her, even after Blink was freed by True Resistance. When the Cognitum alicorn asked for help in her stand against the darkness of Stable-Wreck with Blink, she, although a little fearful and hesitant, agreed to help out the cause of the righteous.

Nocturnal Vision is now her inspiration's almost-constant companion, and next to True Resistance, possibly one of the most valuable watchponies of the liberation team (mostly due to her constant little phobias, but anywho😆).

My hoodie is transferred from my human world, as I own one like this in real life. 🤗 And both I and Breaking Point share Pipbuck models (the standard).

Killer Epic's wife, and the mysterious owner of this video-parallel Stable-Wreck, coming up.😉

Now confident has palindromed at 747? That's odd😮

This is my fourth vector of me this month! Whoops I meant my fifth. But that's even better! :D
safe1728081 artist:lincolnbrewsterfan287 derpibooru exclusive28799 oc698389 oc only456428 oc:nocturnal vision30 alicorn228680 pony988293 fallout equestria17295 my little pony: the movie19194 .svg available8401 absurd resolution66542 alicorn oc27150 clothes467585 colored wings6344 confidence32 confident804 crossed hooves1977 cute203022 determination136 determined774 determined face25 determined look93 determined smile40 drawstrings18 female1382324 gradient wings777 hair1803 highlights350 hoodie14474 horn70944 inkscape1868 lidded eyes31263 looking at you172281 mane1893 mare491522 mistletoe1749 mod641 movie accurate1263 music notes3345 nc-tv25 nc-tv:creator ponified25 nocturnal vision's striped hoodie11 pipbuck3531 pipbuck 300016 ponified41603 raised hoof47529 realistic mane30 shading1930 simple background401546 smiling254529 smiling at you4622 solo1078721 spread wings55787 striped hoodie25 svg3684 tail29097 transparent background205666 vector77346 windswept tail146 wing sleeves273 wings111571


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