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safe1708266 artist:grandescartoons15 artist:superedit118 edit132706 edited screencap65330 screencap222450 moondancer4878 twilight sparkle300567 alicorn224800 pony969393 unicorn324174 amending fences1254 adventure in the comments1276 animated98724 bedroom eyes59444 bipedal34669 blue mane943 blushing197951 bush2696 clothes460281 collage1394 cute200094 cutie mark47767 daaaaaaaaaaaw3902 dancerbetes382 discovery family999 discovery family logo11677 eyes closed93735 female1364824 floppy ears52397 glasses62005 grass9704 hnnng2432 horn67519 hug28313 kiss edit50 kissing24674 lesbian97095 long mane3311 mare481569 multicolored mane1562 one eye closed30820 outdoors10728 pink mane812 purple mane522 red mane506 shipping200449 smiling249002 spread wings54796 surprise kiss796 sweater14531 sweet dreams fuel1600 tail27865 the great and powerful superedit59 twiabetes11776 twidancer306 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123770 wide eyes17061 wings107705 wink24788


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