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safe1728306 edit134267 edited screencap66233 editor:quoterific2215 screencap224489 rose heart671 sci-twi24672 starlight759 starshine105 twilight sparkle303268 dance magic1548 do it for the ponygram!422 eqg summertime shorts3168 equestria girls203328 equestria girls series33649 forgotten friendship5527 i'm on a yacht804 mad twience199 my little shop of horrors159 school of rock139 spring breakdown2736 stressed in show296 stressed in show: fluttershy167 sunset's backstage pass!2505 text support224 text support: rarity41 the finals countdown164 twilight under the stars261 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14529 spoiler:eqg specials5338 ^^381 all good (song)102 bowtie10352 cute203038 dance magic (song)81 eyes closed95706 female1382519 geode of telekinesis2979 glasses63182 jewelry65798 magical geodes9031 microphone5142 microphone stand121 music festival outfit759 necklace19408 open mouth150080 ponied up5253 ponytail18291 singing6451 sleeveless4599 smiling254581 smug6137 smuglight sparkle295 solo1078884 twiabetes12127 wings111616


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