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I had to make some creative decisions on the cutie marks, tails, etc but I think it turned out pretty good. A group of AI-generated ponies. The robots are coming for us, and it's cute as hell.
Green haired pone is from
safe1708265 artist:catachromatic43 derpibooru exclusive28424 oc685781 oc:jubilant2 oc:ruby seed4 oc:smooth cream2 unnamed oc1822 bat pony49903 earth pony249430 pony969388 unicorn324173 annoyed5475 bags under eyes1993 bat pony oc17626 earth pony oc8369 fangs25400 freckles28927 full body2247 glasses62005 group3495 group shot438 grumpy2533 horn67519 not fluttershy464 short237 unicorn oc9088 watermark16200


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