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suggestive148476 artist:cabrony230 artist:pia-sama1758 nightmare rarity3044 rarity185821 spike80572 dragon58803 unicorn343301 anthro270013 abs11605 adult2582 adult spike1052 ass51005 bedroom eyes61478 big breasts86218 blushing204996 breasts289210 busty nightmare rarity670 busty rarity13417 butt66202 butt touch4341 digital art20194 dock52135 ethereal hair115 ethereal mane8490 ethereal tail455 female1404046 gigachad spike872 hand on butt2931 hand on shoulder358 lidded eyes31859 looking at you176034 looking down9312 looking up17177 lucky bastard1732 male388774 mare503284 nightmare rearity128 nightmare sparity107 nudity382983 older27856 older spike5519 pecs1345 rearity4761 self ponidox8355 shipping205947 smiling261787 sparity6856 spike gets all the rarities12 straight140536


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Spike knows that balancing light and darkness is the best way to live your life.