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Originally posted on: January 4, 2016, 11:48 PM UTC
A threat to come
i just fancied drawing soething a little different and why not add a bady XD haha i aactually like how the antagonist came out that he may be my new OC X3 x
i based him off lava rock so if any one has any ideas for names id be most appreciative =3 x
safe1751086 artist:beamybutt415 oc712273 oc only465679 oc:moonbeam161 alicorn232969 earth pony266185 pony1011088 alicorn oc27636 colored19865 duo64785 ear piercing27810 earth pony oc9860 eyelashes12350 female1402354 horn77712 male388185 mare502411 open mouth154503 piercing43128 signature26944 spiked wristband1363 stallion115792 traditional art120288 wings123220 wristband3828


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