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safe1724515 edit134000 edited screencap66086 editor:quoterific2168 screencap224190 apple bloom50140 applejack171322 big macintosh28515 cheerilee10052 granny smith5387 sandalwood1111 sci-twi24606 scootaloo51543 sweetie belle49339 twilight sparkle302774 equestria girls202885 equestria girls series33543 holidays unwrapped2177 the cider louse fools169 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14489 animation error2082 apple bloom's bow1444 applejack's hat7662 boots22368 bow29210 bowtie10326 clothes466222 cowboy boots1556 cowboy hat16288 cutie mark48354 cutie mark crusaders19150 cutie mark on clothes2578 denim skirt1513 eyes closed95401 female1379058 geode of super strength2187 geode of telekinesis2967 glasses62941 hair bow15915 hat88163 magical geodes8984 male379150 open mouth149408 ponytail18233 shoes37503 skirt40307 smiling253625


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