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Had a small foto shooting for my Galapunk 2021 vendor application.
safe1727280 artist:bastler206 applejack171531 bon bon16552 derpy hooves50473 fluttershy214904 izzy moonbow2023 lightning dust4563 lyra heartstrings29860 maud pie12620 octavia melody23997 pinkie pie218195 princess celestia95835 princess luna99925 rarity183635 spitfire13593 starlight glimmer49202 sweetie drops16551 tempest shadow16900 trixie68106 twilight sparkle303141 oc697860 oc:comment124 oc:downvote525 oc:favourite128 oc:hide image32 oc:nettle vienna10 oc:upvote171 alicorn228545 earth pony256736 pegasus300120 pony987539 unicorn332460 derpibooru7149 g54333 armor24085 broken horn13927 derpibooru ponified807 drinking glass65 female1381660 horn70807 irl70896 mare491138 meta16671 photo80625 plushie24337 ponified41593 scepter1161 sleeping23705 twilight scepter2039 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124925


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