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Uploaded at the request of the artist, Rosemile Mulberry. All credit for this image goes to her.

A New Approach
The hair caused me a bit of a problem, since the simplistic way I do shading doesn't go well with characters who have gradients on top of their multi-colored hair.
safe1726960 artist:rosemile mulberry134 applejack171506 vignette valencia726 equestria girls203160 equestria girls series33625 rollercoaster of friendship2558 apple16511 beauty mark1139 bedroom eyes60290 belt5627 clothes467167 clothes swap1320 female1381321 gradient hair66 hand on head2109 jeans4222 looking at you172100 pants14921 shirt25519 simple background401038 smiling254275 solo1078040 t-shirt4547 white background100243


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Background Pony #CF8A
Well now I know who should I call if I don't wanna fight Discord for a waifu.