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I wanted to see Flutters as a deer so I made deer. X3
safe1726982 artist:symbianl380 fluttershy214871 deer5926 antlers2138 cloven hooves10404 colored hooves6147 crepuscular rays2988 cute202893 dappled sunlight304 deerified284 ear fluff30348 female1381332 floppy ears53215 flutterdeer31 forest10335 grass9898 high res31125 looking at you172104 lying down18300 outdoors11147 pale belly1199 prone25928 shyabetes14184 solo1078059 species swap20179 three quarter view1575 tree32845 unshorn fetlocks26251


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This is a sad tale about a lonely deer that was so cute that anything that laid eyes upon it died from a heart attack.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Aww, this looks so amazing, SymbianL! Flutterdeer looks so peaceful, and I will always love seeing you draw my favorite poni, as your art style is always fantastic!
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