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Seems like Angel wanted to help Fluttershy become a more confident flyer, but the pegasus wasn’t
expecting to end up so puffy! After a good old inflation she was soaring through the clouds over
Canterlot! Let’s just hope Rainbow Dash finds her and brings her back down before she floats too high~!
questionable111986 artist:tuft4 angel bunny10025 fluttershy217591 pegasus310440 pony1013868 :t3871 belly29616 big belly12101 bingo wings2556 blimp421 blushing205148 body inflation94 cloud32185 comic111619 dialogue68191 embarrassed11765 eyes closed98477 floating4127 floppy ears54725 flutterblimp51 helium inflation113 helium tank238 high res33142 hose1588 huge belly4011 impossibly large belly10833 inflation9636 neck roll1096 offscreen character35828 sky15029 sweat27735 sweatdrops918 underhoof53880 wide eyes17430


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Dawn Bright

Gosh, she looks so lovely and helpless. All she’s missing is something to plug her mouth and stop the air from escaping. 💛
This kind of inflation actually is, believe it or not, safe, as it happens quite often in the show. If you have a problem with it then feel free to filter it.