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"What? It's free labour for the farm. You think that would be something I would just pass up?"

After discovering the horde of similarly coloured buggos, Twi once again had a few words with one of her friends. It seems like every one of them has been badly influence by this bug craze.

And she knows she wont let it get the better of her!
suggestive145467 artist:dongly12335 apple bloom50223 applejack171507 twilight sparkle303085 alicorn228439 changeling48682 changeling larva192 anthro264612 plantigrade anthro33491 3d78109 apple16511 bandana5414 big breasts83794 boots22397 breasts283412 busty applejack10655 cowboy boots1566 cute202893 cute little fangs2160 cuteling800 facehug28 fangs26055 farm570 food71496 high res31125 interspecies offspring7588 offspring40034 orange changeling357 pickup truck75 revamped anthros414 shoes37597 source filmmaker47348 sweet apple acres3024 tractor50 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124888


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