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safe1750531 artist:celesse39 applejack173281 fluttershy217253 pinkie pie220154 rainbow dash238571 rarity185590 twilight sparkle306105 butterfly7294 earth pony265942 pegasus309164 pony1010589 unicorn342313 g42006 applejack's hat8419 book34502 butt65920 cowboy hat17164 cute205711 dashabetes9643 diapinkes10272 eyes closed98073 featured image908 female1401882 g1 style7 generation leap5874 hat90353 heart50038 jackabetes6250 lightning3269 lying down19656 mane six32564 mare502197 pink background3207 plot82122 prone26353 raribetes5628 shyabetes14504 simple background409133 sweet dreams fuel1667 twiabetes12265 unicorn twilight18696


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Relaxed Pony Lover
This makes me feel warmth like I did when I first started watching the show.
Thank you for this ( ◜‿◝ )♡

I'd love to hang them up like piñatas, each in their turn, and smash them open, to reveal their sweetness, and their love, and their goodness, for all to see.