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Adventuring is Magic: Fluttershy, whom I definitely imagine as a Druid <3
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4 outta the Mane 6 are down, and Sunset Shimmer as the 7th has already been funded for~
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safe2152809 artist:ambris1483 fluttershy255921 pegasus487296 anthro354317 unguligrade anthro64371 adventuring is magic84 g42005144 belly button108391 boots32868 breasts384819 cloak6256 clothes625001 digital art29002 druid168 dungeons and dragons1528 fantasy class1907 female1779293 flutterdruid58 flutterthighs363 hair over one eye12620 hood2037 legs11703 mare727276 midriff23969 miniskirt6808 pen and paper rpg877 rpg1383 shoes58237 sideboob13869 skindentation461 skirt54564 small breasts4240 solo1408706


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