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safe1751826 artist:xciax8 edit135952 applejack173380 fluttershy217354 pinkie pie220312 rainbow dash238723 rarity185682 twilight sparkle306325 earth pony266442 pegasus309615 pony1011712 unicorn342803 g42025 g57018 3d80442 applejack's hat8467 bracelet10025 coat markings5439 cowboy hat17217 female1403022 g4 to g566 hat90470 jewelry68467 looking at each other21482 looking at you175877 mane six32589 mare502764 my little pony logo4335 open mouth154665 pony history350 raised hoof48467 shadow4365 simple background409620 socks (coat markings)3213 spread wings57152 unshorn fetlocks27234 white background102605 wings123384


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Background Pony #C484

On a artistic level, it is a good first effort to turn them into the 5th Generation style