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The Patchers incident.
Don’t push chaos - because chaos pushes back. And Chaos becomes unpredictable when its feelings are hurt.
Events prior to incident:.
Incident notes:  
Report supplemented from on site observers, as well as member of the royal government issued assistants of the Harmony watchers (Guardians Eyes) program - including but not limited to: [Nurse] Redheart, and Teacher [Miss] Cheerilee : After the recovery and psycological treatment of all foals of Class D-3 .
There should be some kind of warning doctorine, saying not to bully young creatures of chaos. And while the kids in Class D-3 were no bullies, They were still kids, And kids are assholes.
Maybe Blue wanted to get one up on Illusive after what happened on that halloween event. As the two han not been on the best of terms after that.
This, however, would only lead to a greater incident. For while Illusive might have been heavily dissuaded by the haloween event to use chaos on other ponies afterwards. His Pet – Patchers, Did not factor into this conclusion.
Patchers would not stand to se his master ridiculed. He screamed for his master to use him, let him be the vessle that shows these kids who the best and biggest Pet is.
This shocking request, along with illusives unfocused mind – clouded by saddness and hurt – led him to unthinkingly warp patchers - without a plan - and without restraint!
The chaos flooded into his little boddy so fast, that his body was destroyed. Normally, Illusive would ease the flesh into the transformation, alowing it to bend into the shape. This was no such gentle process. The transformation was so violent that it ripped patchers apart. The outer shell giving way to the inner flesh and bones, Bones breaking and flesh bursting – only to reveal a new layer of warped tissue – bubbling forth and bursting – giving way to another wave of mutations swelling upp from within! - and again, and again! And again! As more and more chaos spilled forth upp from within his ravaged body!
Imagine a water baloon, fastened to a water hose. The flow needs to be gentle as to not burst the tiny rubber. This – This was the host on full volume. The baloon was filled upp sp fast that it burst, only to reveal another baloon underneath, that also burst – Revealing another – and another – and another!
The result was chaos unrestrained – While some might scream about Beast and mosters from Tartarus and Hel – This entity was no monster of Tartarus.  
This Was a Beast from the Warp! - A Twisted nightmare from the shapeless space between spaces – spilling forth into our world.
semi-grimdark30444 artist:grimmyweirdy234 orthros187 oc713953 oc:blue164 oc:bubbles86 oc:goldilocks6 oc:grayris3 oc:illusive10 oc:pebbles55 oc:starburst379 cat6546 dog9915 draconequus12904 fish2699 goldfish85 hybrid20661 mouse1249 rabbit5626 wolf2044 animal4709 body horror1445 bowl1686 chaos1215 crying44948 darkness705 eldritch abomination884 exposed muscle19 growth5961 interspecies offspring7854 intestines430 monster2339 multiple heads1710 offspring41005 organs459 parent:discord3551 parent:flash sentry3152 parent:fluttershy5160 parent:twilight sparkle8702 parents:discoshy1218 parents:flashlight2702 ribcage138 skull3130 story included9589 teeth10566 this will end in tears3447 tongue out108659 transformation11394 transformation sequence1099 two heads722


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