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A delightful delivery from @PonyQuarantine, who makes me very happy every time I commission ‘em. What a nice nursepon, saving all the lives. If you aren’t Porona and haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, I hear it’s not the worst idea (but you do you, fam).

safe1751818 artist:pony quarantine745 nurse redheart3659 oc712482 oc:porona46 bat pony52246 earth pony266440 pony1011704 bat pony oc18906 comic111535 coronavirus835 covid-19777 cute205832 dialogue68098 duo64863 female1403010 frown23600 glare8305 grin41026 heart50067 mare502758 newspaper1720 ocbetes5672 open mouth154665 ponified42021 smiling261404 sparkles4810 speech bubble24424 squee1975 vaccination52 virus112 wide eyes17410


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Memetic eldritch horror

So is she a sentient mass of COVID-19 shaped like a bat pony or a bat pony who’s cells have been mutated in such a way that they’re constantly producing COVID-19?

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Background Pony #535E

Please, everyone, stop over-thinking this and trying to outsmart a dumb joke.

Background Pony #1194

If we presume the virus pony has virus cells, injecting dead or weakened cells into her could be a drain on her body’s resources, which could make her sick in a similar way to the virus itself.
It could also cause clots in either case if it’s a different strain than she is, similar to a blood transfusion with mismatched types.

Background Pony #ECE8

@Background Pony #7B40
That changes nothing.

Vaccines don’t contain cure for the disease. Basically, they contain significant traits (spike protein) of the virus, or genes that your body can use to produce such traits, so that your immune system can recognize these traits.

Also, there are inactivated covid vaccines out there. Guess you’re in a fortunate place to not need to resort to those.

Background Pony #929E

That’s… not how vaccines work. At all.

If Porona get’s the shot, she will get partial disease injected unto her. And since her own immune system IS the real thing, nothing will happen.

Would you die if you get a blood transfussion from yourself?
I’m such a fun guy.

Background Pony #7B40

Porona not wearing a mask, how irresponsible. At least she’s trying to help