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Alternate versions: Sketch / Rin / Lundashy / Dawnsong / Snow Pup
Finished ice cream YCH drawings in full resolution! The blue earth pony is Rin (WildBatPony's OC, originally used as the example), and the pegasus belongs to @Lundashy~
safe1749911 artist:djdavid98201 oc711613 oc only465270 oc:lundashy2 pegasus308950 pony1009990 brown eyes545 clothes475758 fangs26662 floppy ears54476 food72947 gray coat300 ice cream5198 ice cream cone638 ice cream horn46 looking up17128 male387824 raised leg8076 simple background408931 sitting65549 solo1094012 spread wings57022 tongue out108188 transparent background208727 unshorn fetlocks27136 wings122990 ych result22901


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