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safe1755303 artist:crikeydave76 artist:eilemonty23 artist:nowacking22 artist:serenamidori70 artist:superpsyguy2 dj pon-329713 rarity186009 spike80615 vinyl scratch29714 oc713955 oc:canni soda271 oc:sani soda18 bird8834 dragon58957 earth pony267931 pony1015251 unicorn344291 galacon429 galacon 201438 vinyl and canni go to galacon '1419 animated101125 ausfahrt7 bipedal36310 bipedal leaning1832 bits1127 bizaam26 car6247 clothes477397 computer6373 computer screen156 driving794 error1071 fart joke121 female1406000 german1041 glitch907 hole in the wall82 jesse nowack31 keep calm66 laughing8328 leaning3745 ludwigsburg5 male389505 mascot1227 oh my gosh32 ponysona2874 promo301 security guard201 shirt26308 statue2408 street sign36 t-shirt4678 tongue out108660 typewriter152 vulgar21201 webm14486 windswept mane2874 wub380


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Background Pony #4606
This really nostalgic I remember that I used to watch this video when I was 14 years old during my final year in middle school and this made me wish that I could go to Galacon or Bronycon but I don’t think my parents would take me there because they never tolerate with the fandom because they thought it was unnatural for teenage boys and grown men to enjoy MLP FIM but ether way these videos are still nostalgic for me!