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safe (1503504) artist:egophiliac (2129) carrot cake (1945) cloudy quartz (1133) cup cake (3634) igneous rock pie (775) limestone pie (4518) marble pie (5900) pinkie pie (196612) pound cake (2296) pumpkin cake (2058) earth pony (173197) pegasus (213448) pony (780491) unicorn (234301) slice of pony life (102) cake family (69) carrot cup (250) colt (12346) comic (95689) cute (163348) daaaaaaaaaaaw (2845) family (3786) feels (1505) female (827707) filly (55474) glasses (50712) male (282405) mare (375931) older (21018) older pound cake (98) older pumpkin cake (95) pie family (282) quartzrock (344) shipping (174666) stallion (82890) straight (115525) the cakes (90)


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Feral Beauty
Hey, we only just got to see Rainbows dad. Her parents were Amish, maybe they disowned her that would explain her abandonment issues XD

It still bothers me that they haven't shown Pinkie's "old" family after the flashback episode.
Then again they have never shown Fluttershy's family either so I guess it doesn't matter.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I really wonder if her parents told her to leave or let her go live with the cakes, realizing their home wasn't good for her and she wasn't happy there.