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safe1676219 artist:egophiliac2145 carrot cake2072 cloudy quartz1330 cup cake4073 igneous rock pie876 limestone pie4890 marble pie6406 pinkie pie213300 pound cake2517 pumpkin cake2260 earth pony237754 pegasus280255 pony938886 unicorn311036 slice of pony life101 adoraquartz53 cake family70 carrot cup291 carrotbetes19 colt14554 comic107050 cute195297 cute cake52 daaaaaaaaaaaw3662 family4345 feels1561 female1336143 filly64812 foal15271 glasses60193 limabetes227 male362679 marblebetes572 mare466261 older25879 older pound cake186 older pumpkin cake186 pie family280 poundabetes79 pumpkinbetes67 quartzrock350 shipping196245 stallion104823 straight133463 the cakes102


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Touch Fluffy Tail
Hey, we only just got to see Rainbows dad. Her parents were Amish, maybe they disowned her that would explain her abandonment issues XD

It still bothers me that they haven't shown Pinkie's "old" family after the flashback episode.
Then again they have never shown Fluttershy's family either so I guess it doesn't matter.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I really wonder if her parents told her to leave or let her go live with the cakes, realizing their home wasn't good for her and she wasn't happy there.