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safe1975257 artist:cold-blooded-twilight2988 rarity203435 spike87411 twilight sparkle333390 pony1327601 unicorn448176 cold blooded twilight623 comic:cold storm144 :<1349 alternate design4210 angry32710 blushing239358 both cutie marks12584 carousel boutique2810 comic124101 crush387 dock62172 eyepatch3592 fangs33380 from behind16463 frown28884 gemstones286 glowing horn25577 heart eyes22789 horn117848 looking back74288 magic86692 messy mane9191 open mouth198449 ribbon8270 smiling332351 unicorn twilight26408 wide eyes18857 wide hips24651 wingding eyes30426


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God is dead.
Curious about the eyepatch. Wouldn’t it be funny if it was something like, she just has a black eye and what happened was Twilight’s fault, which is why she’s pissed?
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The eyepatch works so well for Rarity here, then again she makes everything work. I do hope we see a bit of Sparity here, considering Twi’s made out with most of the ponies so far I hope Spike gets some love
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I am still hoping to see Sparity in this. It will be super interesting just like finding out why she has a eyepatch. Tho I can see her being touched that Spike thinks she is still Beautiful even with the eye cover.
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Background Pony #5C39
SO, bad history with the purplesmart or is she gonna give rainbow a zap for causing such a hair debacle?
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