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We Will Be Adored - Part 17.5  
A little plot interlude, with no sex.
Fixed version without typos! (I hope)
The rest of the series (so far)  
These are all explicit, so be warned.
Part 1 >>1791216 (old, not very good, just here for completeness)  
Part 2 >>2330979 (Adagio, Smoothie) <—- start the series here  
Part 3 >>2355560 (Aria, Smoothie)  
Part 4 >>2411186 (Sonata, Smoothie)  
Part 4.5 — Scratch’s Itch >>2481462 (Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Smoothie)  
Part 5 >>2499557 (Peppermint, Smoothie) (M/M)  
Part 6 >>2514980 (Adagio, Smoothie)  
Part 7 >>2552041 (Adagio, Smoothie)  
Part 8 >>2565899 (Sonata, Aria, Smoothie)  
Part 9 >>2592043 (Sonata, Peppermint, Smoothie) (M/M)  
Part 10 >>2602276 (Sonata, Smoothie)  
Part 11 >>2610373 (Aria, Tokamak)  
Part 11.5 >>2613081 (Smoothie, Juicebox) (No sex, SFW)  
Part 12 >>2616361 (Aria, Tokamak)  
Part 13 >>2623892 (Aria, Tokamak)  
Part 14 >>2634587 (Sonata, Smoothie, Tokamak)  
Part 15 >>2652684 (Adagio, Peach Cobbler)  
Part 16 >>2661131 (Adagio, Peach Cobbler)  
Part 17 - Scratch’s Itch 2 >>2673785 (Sonata, Vinyl)
Part 17.5 >>2679077 (No sex, SFW)
Part 18 - Powerful and Jilted >>2681335 (Trixie, Smoothie)  
Part 19 >>2693539 (Sonata, Adagio, Peach Cobbler)  
Part 20 >>2700680 (Aria, Tokamak)  
Part 21 >>2707131 (Adagio, Aria, Sonata, Trixie, Smoothie) (No sex, SFW)
Part 22 >>2716218 (Sonata, Trixie, Smoothie)
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@Gnot Even  
It’s “OK soda”, a weird soda from the 90s that had whimsical labels, sometimes including a bit that was upside down. Using the label is meant to be an obscure easter egg.
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Jus' a Blueberry
Hehehe, love to see a new chapter open up again. And what a fun trio to begin it with, than the boyfriend trio, can’t wait to see where this goes <3
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