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Decided to finally color this old sketch and clean it up
suggestive165420 artist:mentalkitty7 twilight sparkle324879 alicorn261166 pony1249286 bedroom eyes68982 blushing227954 butt149397 colored21403 cutie mark51755 digital art24136 dock58629 featureless crotch7766 female1538738 glowing cutie mark415 glowing horn23758 horn105666 levitation13683 looking at you204091 looking back69514 looking back at you20851 low angle2467 magic82779 magic aura5955 partially open wings519 plot104255 presenting28019 raised tail19459 rear view16594 seductive2826 seductive look1585 show accurate22058 simple background473477 smiling309989 smiling at you11553 solo1212614 solo female199773 spread wings69254 tail55330 telekinesis32312 twibutt6838 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134826 twilight's cutie mark104 white background121269 wing gesture55 wings159061


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