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Now without that pointless brat Cozy Glow.
safe1945609 artist:andoanimalia1045 edit154411 grogar1275 king sombra15724 lord tirek5802 queen chrysalis38726 storm king1309 centaur4094 changeling57614 sheep2050 unicorn433641 yeti389 taur1618 my little pony: the movie20577 angry32197 antagonist2103 armor27157 beard4599 black sclera2818 clenched fist317 cloak5498 clothes549476 cloven hooves12572 collar40608 crown24157 crystal ball578 dark magic2958 ethereal mane10526 ethereal tail821 evil grin5391 evil lair259 eyebrows14430 facial hair7924 fangs32453 female1578978 flexing1510 frown28006 grin51555 grogar's lair256 grogar's orb196 horns8484 jewelry88514 lair279 legion of doom386 looking at you212267 magic85140 male450441 muscles15448 nose piercing3433 nose ring2615 piercing52293 pointing4914 raised hoof58610 ram793 regalia28807 septum piercing1121 shackles2187 smiling323427 sombra's cape87 sombra's robe64 storm king's emblem171 villains of equestria77 wings168986


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The curious thing about that line up is that all of them have a theme to share, they are fallen royals, people who would wants their thrones back, something that fits like a class of antithesis of Twilight and her deal to becoming into a Princess of Equestria.
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Background Pony #9D2A
@David Dyster  
Well, we know that the Storm along died after trying to petrify the Mane Six (mostly Twilight) but Tempest blocks it but still charges straight towards the Storm King pushing him to his death and smashed to bits while the Storm Creatures were either killed when they’re burns by Spike or sucked up by the tornado that the Storm King has created, imprisoned to Tartarus or executed by the rulers and guards of Equestria, or some still remaining in the Storm King’s realm that the Storm King, Tempest, and Grubber have abandoned, or fled and hide to parts unknown beyond Equestria or not or back to the Storm King’s realm, or some (approximately 16-17 of them) were reformed and join the Friendship Festival, the Pony of Shadows was re-imprisoned back to Limbo by the Mane Six and Pillars, Midnight Sparkle was vanquished by the Power of the Magic of Friendship twice by both Sunset Shimmer and later Sci-Twi, he Dazzlings lost their powers in a similar fashion to the season four finale of the cartoon, and Nightmare Moon was defeated by the Elements of Harmony and later by Celestia when she vaporized her along with her sister Daybreaker. The only villains that were remaining to get revenge on the Mane Six and the rest of Equestria were Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow. And even King Sombra was revived in the caves beneath the Crystal Empire in the season nine premiere.
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