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Background Pony #9123
@Background Pony #598A
I Know I Annoyed You By This But Unawsner Questions Is Reason I Agree With Him, G4 Supposed Be Peaceful Not Racist In G5 Since G5 Is Take Place After Long Time Ago As A Sequel To G4, Not Reboot
Background Pony #9123
I Agree With G4 Purist, Not Just Because I’m G4 Fan But It Also Because G5 Will Be Just Rehash From G4 Which I Doubt G5 Will be Good And Especially Characters (Except Hitch) Are Bland Plus Mane 4 Is Cpoies Characters Of Mane 6 From G4, The Olny Hope I Have Left is Twilight Return And Awsner Question About Racist.
Background Pony #96BB
I honestly don’t care. But I still hate purists, and that will never change, doesn’t mean I wish harm on them. So please have a good day. You do you, boo boo, keep loving G4. To give you an understanding, if you don’t like a party, leave, don’t stay and try to be a jerk to everyone and attempt to ruin the party.
Background Pony #9528
I wasn’t trying to piss people off, I just want to express my opinions.
Have you still NOT AWARE that people, every each of us each got “emotional limits”???
You acting like the guy on the left of this image.