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Rarity found some moonlighting gigs at a Las Pegasus club. <3
suggestive151599 artist:longinius849 rarity188349 unicorn357074 anthro276253 unguligrade anthro51630 beautisexy991 big breasts88976 blushing209908 breasts296844 busty rarity13735 cleavage36408 clothes488724 cocktail dress42 dress47074 eyes closed101574 female1433956 gloves21656 hair over one eye9615 huge breasts41500 long gloves6447 microphone5472 monochrome154518 music notes3522 open mouth161505 partial color5592 sexy31650 side slit1488 singing6681 solo1121716 solo female187293 thighs16118 thunder thighs9523 traditional art122305 wide hips19088


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In their later years, the Mane Six would agree that Rarity had the best mid-life crisis. Leaving Yona in charge of Carousel Boutique to become a nightclub singer for six months was certainly an experience.