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The Electoral Process in action
source needed18887 suggestive173163 artist:moulin-lys1 oc837391 oc only615096 oc:nova whirl6 oc:river swirl36 earth pony362215 pony1325072 unicorn447157 equestria at war mod1240 blushing238919 bowtie12750 close-up7714 clothes559866 dialogue80325 drool30324 drool string7032 duo118337 duo female20410 eyes closed120906 eyeshadow22659 female1604809 french kiss3126 grayscale44027 high res86783 horn117496 kissing28911 lesbian108563 lined paper5150 makeup31037 mare619170 monochrome163754 oc x oc20214 photo89379 ponytail22682 scrunchie466 shipping229926 side view2671 signature35135 speech bubble32144 sweat33685 traditional art131262


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Arrange an Accident
Completion Time : 56 days
Requires Crackdown on Dissent!
Mutually exclusive with Reconcile Nova Whirl
This focus will cancel if the requirements are not met.
Gain Base Stability: +10.00%
Change in popularity of Communism:-10.00%
This may backfire, and it will embolden any socialist resistance that survives.

Filters: Stability