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Episode 2 of the RUG(reform unicorn group) podcast, with special guest: Moondancer
Topi: What does it take to be considered a reform unicorn
safe1901790 artist:chub-wub622 fizzlepop berrytwist9602 moondancer5404 starlight glimmer53627 sunset shimmer70213 tempest shadow17961 trixie72954 twilight sparkle324878 alicorn261166 pony1249269 unicorn412259 apple18333 armchair348 banana2279 bottle4888 can539 chair9513 cider2762 computer6973 couch9951 counterparts891 drink6088 eyes closed113402 female1538719 food82653 fruit1249 glowing9779 glowing horn23758 headphones9015 headset2081 herbivore1826 high res78993 horn105661 laptop computer2715 levitation13683 magic82779 mare579177 microphone6044 open mouth184047 orange1089 pepsi219 podcast52 poster6110 raised hoof56587 raised leg9404 recording studio88 reformed336 reformed unicorn meeting19 smiling309980 soda1805 sweat31541 sweatdrop4145 table10684 telekinesis32312 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134826 twilight's counterparts904 water17339 water bottle597


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Planeswalker — FoME
Trixie: “And in our new mandatory-friendship regime, that counts as evil!”
Starlight: “Calm down, Trixie.”
Trixie: “Trixie will be calm when there is justice for introverts!”
Tempest: “Did the living ego seriously call herself an introvert?”
Sunset: “Well, no one called her living self-awareness.”
Trixie: “Trixie is right here, you know.”
Tempest: “Yeah.”
Sunset: “We know.”
Moondancer: “Fully cognizant.”
Trixie: “Why you—”
Starlight: “We’ll be right back after this word from our sponsors!”
Background Pony #23C5
Yo I need their husbands from Velveagic Sentry
Sunburst is to Starlight
Prince Blueblood is to Trixie
Tempest Shadow is to Chancellor Neighsay
And Fire Streak Is To Sunset Shimmer