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A collab with CaptainHoers to celebrate the end of his 10 year long running comic “Firestarter Spitfire” which can be read here:
The art is very different from the beginning to the end which shows how much he grew from working on it and I am very proud of him
This is a painting based on his favorite postcard he made while working on it
safe1945482 artist:brainiac2547 artist:captainhoers1230 spitfire14550 oc822853 oc:concorde139 pony1295240 firestarter spitfire143 baby12543 baby pony7788 bed49202 collaboration6242 cute231835 digital art25212 digital painting604 duo107009 female1578850 filly82937 foal27642 frog (hoof)17105 link in description665 mare603710 mother and child3878 mother and daughter6933 offspring46041 overhead view543 pacifier2984 parent:soarin'2916 parent:spitfire545 parents:soarinfire217 underhoof60880 wholesome848


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I will do my best
it depends entirely on how good i feel and how much inspiration i have
i wish it was easier to reach this level of zen for art
maybe someday i will figure it out
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Background Pony #55B1
You just know that little Concorde is going to grow up big and strong with Spitfire mumma’s love <3
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Man that’s so wholsesome, you naild the peaceful atmosphere perfectly.
A shame the comic came to and end, but it was a fun read. 10 years sure a long time.
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