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Dental authority. one of my initial favorite first stage fusions comprised of the pony pleasing Mayor Mare and the cheeky and playful (yet firm when she needs to be) Minuette.
Now blessed with unicorn magic which does wonders for the former mayor’s organization and filing and of course it really helps when working with dentistry as she able to easily switch between utensils on the fly, something that Minuette really took for granted (as she is constantly reminded by her inner monologue)
little fillies and colts feel so at ease when going to the dentist when this mare is around as she is gentle and calm though has an air of authority (no pun intended) around her which makes even the most severe cases of dentophobia evaporate, she often rewards good boys and girls with a delicious carrot courtesy of her good friend Clumsy who is more than happy to supply them, as she tries to encourage eating vegetables over sugars (though this mare doesn’t always practice what she preaches and is known to indulge in a raspberry soufflé every now and then after particularly strenuous days, though she always follows up with a floss and brush of course!
Done by derpx1
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suggestive164993 artist:derpx1535 oc797845 oc only590354 oc:dental authority30 pony1245996 unicorn410833 bed47568 butt148838 commission89458 commissioner:bigonionbean2336 dock58463 extra thicc1137 female1535557 flank1881 frog (hoof)16400 fusion5998 fusion:dental authority28 glasses73488 high res78546 horn104977 large butt22640 looking at you203358 lying down28413 mare577458 on back28193 parent:mayor mare53 parent:minuette94 plot103826 presenting27947 solo1209892 solo female199352 tail54686 the ass was fat17240 underhoof59179 wings158184 writer:bigonionbean2025


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