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i’ve only ever played DOA2HC but Kasumi is my BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE
guess i’ve always had a thing for girls with ponytails……. anyway i really liked doing this commission
Adagio and Aria in the same outfit coming soon!!
suggestive165269 artist:rileyav728 sonata dusk14744 equestria girls226251 abstract background19473 arm behind head7933 armpits44703 babydoll307 beautisexy1164 big breasts99757 blushing227769 bra18356 breasts324425 busty sonata dusk2025 choker16025 cleavage39248 clothes533728 commission89676 curvy7931 eyebrows13078 eyebrows visible through hair6868 eyelashes20106 female1537690 gloves23851 high heels13676 high res78872 kneeling10491 legs10018 lingerie11872 looking at you203808 nightgown1637 seductive2824 shoes46354 smiling309671 smiling at you11496 snow15974 snowflake880 socks77559 solo1211737 solo female199613 stockings39581 stupid sexy sonata dusk340 thigh highs45274 thighs19800 underass2903 underwear68018


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Background Pony #4BA5
Fuck me she’s stunningly beautiful!
That lingerie is sexy and she knows how to pose with it <3