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《River swirl Vampire Hunter》
Actually, it’s a hypothetical scenario: Would she turn River swirl into a vampire? Who knows.
safe1972439 artist:gumi13 derpibooru exclusive34770 oc837089 oc only614905 oc:river swirl36 oc:rosa maledicta28 pony1324457 unicorn446881 equestria at war mod1238 absurd resolution71596 duo118069 duo female20381 eyebrows15384 eyebrows visible through hair7819 female1604233 frown28816 horn117411 looking at each other27627 looking at someone7418 mare618867 raised hoof59911 smiling331515 teeth15396 unicorn oc22532 window11298


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Background Pony #C0A8
River Federation lost to the Dread League, what dark days it is.
Since River is a stout supporter of the Equestrian ideals of peace, love, and friendship, all the things Rosa loathes, she probably wouldn’t want to keep her around, particularly as an immortal.