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“Behold, Empress! Mindlessly obedient subjects to fulfil your every desire!”
collab with not-a-soda, read their story here:
suggestive170659 artist:moonatik1172 oc825243 oc only606983 oc:cid23 oc:isabelle incraft51 oc:izzy73 oc:moonatik198 earth pony352233 pegasus396625 anthro310748 new lunar millennium103 alternate timeline3376 ass66629 butt172321 castle2470 clothes551121 earth pony oc17805 female1582550 glasses76206 hair bun4224 implied nightmare moon160 latex15361 latex suit5044 male451755 mare605891 mind control4112 nightmare takeover timeline701 pegasus oc24158 rubber drone510 shadowbolt drone71 shadowbolts1911 sketch72195 stallion146275 story included11086 suit7435


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