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      [--Initial Race Bio--]
So, you want to know what an Incandequus is, huh? Well…Somewhere in a different realm, there lived an ancient race of Equine, called the Incandequus (sounded out as “ɪnkanˈdɛkwʌs”, a mix of Incandescent and Equus, the latin word for Equine)
The most prominent of the Incandequus were the Sundowns, who bore dark coats and vibrant colored manes which hold resemblance to that of a star disappearing under the horizon. The Incandequus live in magical tree-like megastructure which had grown from a Galaxy’s black hole. Within the leaves of the Tree-like structure exist all types of powerful realms with many individuals existing within them.
The Incandequus governed a nigh-infinite landscape realm called Ertisia. Incandequus had responsibilities, to the other individuals of Ertisia and to the world itself. Being an aspect of sun, groups of Incandequus helped rotate the star above their world to create the perfect seasons with the perfect harvest, days, and nights. Unlike the sun princess of Equestria, Incandequus were almost built to serve and protect others through combat and stalwart guardianship–although their abilities aren’t limited to just combat, as they can also heal and grow. Some say their combat prowess is rivaled by their ability to create and grow.
Incandequus stemmed from a powerful immortal thousands of years ago, being created by the star itself. He blazed with glory and shined like a beacon in the night. This powerful being roamed the lands of Ertisia and found a unicorn mare, who possessed powerful magical ability and intricate knowledge on spells. Both the unicorn and the first ‘Incandequus’ fell in love with eachother, and through the power of magic, the unicorn was able to create a spell that allowed the difficult reproduction between the two incompatible races. From this was born the entire race as you know it. The first born inherited his father’s immortality, whilst his father lost his own due to this. An equal trade, which put a time limit on his life now.
It encouraged him to do some more…procreating with his wife, before his eventual demise. In total, they had six children, with five of those setting off to create Valoria, also known as the great Sundown clan.
      [--Character Bio--]
Veen was born in the capitol of Valoria, Solis. Incandequus ruled the city, with a major majority of non-Incandequi living under their jurisdiction peacefully. In her early age, she studied a lot of combat and martial arts, encouraged by her father Aegis. She trained to help those around her, to help and protect the ones she loved. Saving others from undue punishment always put a smile on her face from a very young age. When she was six, her mother and father had a giant falling out, with Veen’s Incandequus mother leaving her home as a result.
From there, Veen was raised by only her father Aegis, taught in his ways and morals. At the age of twelve, she earned her cutiemark;
Two wings and a sword, in an abstract piece. They represented Veen’s stalwart spirit and willingness to protect, whilst also showcasing her grand ability in weapon martial arts, as well as exceptional movements airborne.
As Veen grew, she also grew in popularity around the city, being regarded as the unbeatable, agile heavy weight Incandequus with an incredible record. Despite not being as trained as other Incadequus in the art of their innate abilities, Veen specialized in physical combat as opposed to relying on her sunlight abilities.
At the age of 20, demonic beings rising from the surrounding forests started to emerge, originating from an entirely different realm on the same tree-like megastructure. A hellscape realm ‘Tartarus’, one realm that many, many other realms are familiar with.
Without warning, or even a sign, these demons attacked Solis and their surrounding cities, pillaging, killing, and doing horrible things to innocents. The Incandequus were fast to react, and sent their very best to deal with the issue at it’s core. An elite team comprising of non-Incandequi and Incandequus alike, carving their way to the source of their appearance.
It didn’t take long for them to arrive. A large spectral, hellish portal that had opened up from the ground, with plethora of demons consistently streaming out.
A great battle took place, between the elite group and the demons. Both sides had causalities, with the demons suffering more. However, no matter how many they slayed, no matter how many they put down, they just kept coming. Coming and coming, with no end in sight. Hours of battle, the non-Incandequi had already retreated, leaving the last three Incandequus to battle the hordes.
Veen wouldn’t have it–She knew she couldn’t let this portal stay on this land. She knew a battle against these demons were going to have consequences for everyone in Ertisia. So, she did the most logical thing she could; Jump into the portal herself and destroy whatever is making the portal operate on the other side.
With great stride, Veen succeeded in her mission, but was in turn trapped in Tartarus, and on the run from the entire demon population of Tartarus.
Five years she slayed demon after demon, consistently on the run. But over those years, the realm corrupted her flesh and body, malforming it and granting her new strengths while also granting her new negative inhibitions. These years passed and Veen felt like she was going to lose herself, until…
One of the known arch-demons of Tartarus, Skianor Infernum brought in an ancient blade from a lost faraway city on Ertisia. A curved blade capable of grand power. Capable of powering gates to other realms, and potentially power it’s own portal to other realms. Veen found out about this through careful eavesdropping, and with luck, she managed to steal the blade. Her inconspicuous streak didn’t last long after, as she was quickly pursued once more. This level of pursuement was unlike the first time she entered Tartarus. It was as if EVERY demon of Tartarus was after her at once.
Barely scraping by with her life, she arrived at a spot in Tartarus–A gate to Ertisia. It wasn’t the same gate she arrived in, but it was definitely a gate to Ertisia, as what the headstone beside the gate described to her. Using the blade, she powered the gate with it’s magic.
This gate was different to the other one though. Instead of opening up a small portal, it shot up a beam and tore open space to rip open a kilometer wide portal high into the sky of Tartarus, a beacon to tens of thousands of demons.
There was no time to shut the gate off either, as the hordes of demons were quickly gaining on Veen. So she chose the only option–Fly up into the portal, with an army of demons after her.
After entering the portal, from what seems like an eternity, squished into a single second, she had unknowingly been kept in a sort of stasis for almost five-thousand years, alongside with all the other demons that had followed her. Only just having been released due to someone’s actions in a desert temple… She emerged on the other side, high in the sky of Ertisia. Her surroundings were dull, a large stretch of desert…with a large temple underneath shooting a beam up from the top of the temple, into the portal–as if it was powering it. She didn’t recognize this area, but she knew that was the least of her worries, as the army of Tartarus was soon to emerge from the portal behind her… Who knows what stories await her?
      [--Blade of Aalst Bio--]
Aalst, the segmented scimitar of society preservation. Created in desperation against a similar threat the Incandequus were facing on their own mainland. The blade was created in a large powerful city inhabited by half a billion residents, of all walks of life. They were very skilled at magic, smithing, and magical technologies. They were also capable of crossing realms themselves, with the Quantum Tower, which is also where the blade was created.
The demon invasion on Vandreerh was far more large scale than the one on Ertisia, with Vandreerh consistently on the backfoot in trying to combat the invasion.
Aalst is created by an off-realm magical alloy called Mirakulum (nearly 1,990,000 times more durable than steel, practically impervious). The blade is heavily magic with nearly 1,800 unicorns donating their own horn and a shard of their own soul to the blade to increase it’s power and ability. All these shards of souls created one super-soul, a single conscious individual sharing the magic, personalities and memories of everyone who’s donated to the blade. This soul resides in the blade.
The gem on the pommel is also enchanted, disallowing anyone who specializes in soul stealing to have their way with the blade. Removing the pommel will result in an nuclear-level magical explosion, albeit it’s almost impossible to remove anyway.
With this blade’s creation, it served it’s purpose incredibly well against the demonic invasion, letting Vandreerh have momentum in the battle against them. Things were looking positive–Really positive, even. They were on track to beat the opposing force.
But that all changed, when an unknown individual had stolen the blade from under their noses. It plunged Vandreerh into panic, and into their eventual demise…
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