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From the artist: “GO GET EM RARARA. SECURE THE BAG.”
Well, after months and months of being extremely subtle, it looks like Rarity has finally decided to go with the “Blunt Force” approach. Do you think Sunset will survive?
Commission from the eternally awe-inspiring Pshyzomancer! Posted with artist’s permission.
suggestive165154 artist:pshyzomancer569 rarity197878 sunset shimmer70135 equestria girls226117 bag6647 blushing227566 blushing profusely2627 breasts324106 commission89535 female1536440 kabedon137 larger female1061 lesbian105617 lockers2241 patreon13762 patreon logo9041 rarity peplum dress1761 shipping222490 subtle as a train wreck270 sunsarity118 sweat31471


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Rarity is making an offer Sunset can’t refuse. No more subtle hints, just straight to the point!
Must say though, sounds like a very lovely evening with her^^
Background Pony #0F91
@The Luna Fan
It’d save a lot of time if more women (and people in general) just did that from the start.
The difference is whether the attraction is mutual or not. If so, it’s flirting, but if not, from then it’s harassment.
“Big spoon” and “little spoon” have nothing to do with physical size, only which one is holding the other from behind.