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Last act of defiance before being turned to stone again.  
Totally worth it.
safe1949633 artist:grievousfan203 discord34533 princess celestia104283 draconequus16551 goose353 swan157 angry32254 animal6211 celestia is not amused646 chase966 discord being discord362 duo108390 featured image1049 female1582667 funny4789 honk132 male451809 meme88453 open mouth193805 peace was never an option20 running7022 simple background492039 smiling324544 species swap23392 spread wings73441 swanlestia145 this will end in death3030 this will end in petrification56 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon284 transformation13444 transparent background243838 trollcord32 trollface488 varying degrees of amusement182 wat20697


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Background Pony #8576
I guess princess celestia is not all she whacked up like she should of been. Ok ok I’ll stop goosing around with these pun. I don’t want to fowl them up too much.

I’d love to see Discord actually doing this in the cartoon. And then getting some consequences.
“We must deal with the consequences of our actions”. It’s a good moral to have on an episode.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

A lot of people have this image of swans as these delicate, graceful, freshwater ballerinas, but the reality is they ( especially mute swans and especially the males) are highly aggressive, territorial, murder beasts.
Background Pony #E7CC
Ironically, he didn’t even do that to her.
She was taking a selfie, and making the duckface. She duckfaced so hard she turned into one. And when he saw her, he just quacked up.