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About This Piece
Second YCH result order done and dusted, tysm for commissioning me!
Disclaimer: I in no-way support Ukraine or have any involvement with the ongoing “Save Ukraine” situation, I do not publicly take-part in political propaganda of any sort, it was requested by the OC Owner to include the Ukraine flag accessory as it was part of their ref sheet. I will also like to disclaim that the OC colours do not “mean” anything, their OC is based of their Grey pet cat they have IRL, so please do not claim or “compare” this persons OC to any sort of “Flag” or “Political subject” it is heavily rude & disrespectful, if you really need confirmation; contact the client/owner of the OC. I have already had confirmation from the OC owner about their OC. Just because a OC has “Certain Colours” does not mean “Its meaning is [this flag/thing/idk something cringe or unrelated.]”
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safe1877991 artist:lil_vampirecj107 oc786286 oc only582535 oc:fluff8 pony1223723 unicorn401227 black and red mane331 black and red tail3 chest fluff48479 commission86910 ear fluff37995 flag4582 fluffy15878 gray coat445 open mouth178925 simple background462825 smiling302192 solo1194629 standing16491 standing on two hooves527 sunglasses17061 transparent background232696 ukraine462 ukraine flag3 unshorn fetlocks32476 ych example4207 ych result27603 your character here14258


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Oh you’re on about the OC colours? Not as I am aware, the oc colours are not based of a any type of flag. I suggest contacting the OC owner to find out that, not me.
The accessory they requested is a flag tho(aka the small Ukraine flag.) As for the OC, no the colours aren’t based of any flag, hopefully this helps with your confusion.