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Commissioned artwork for the fanfic, Our Adorable Trophy Nerd
suggestive164893 artist:thebrokencog958 sci-twi27885 sonata dusk14722 twilight sparkle324358 fanfic:our adorable trophy nerd3 equestria girls225916 against wall2238 bare shoulders4282 big breasts99332 breast squish2105 breasts323458 busty sci-twi1033 busty sonata dusk2022 busty twilight sparkle13833 clothes532511 commission89318 dress51219 duo96823 duo female16702 explicit source4521 eyebrows12898 eyebrows visible through hair6759 eyes closed112914 eyeshadow20561 fanfic10814 fanfic art16316 female1534601 french kiss2262 glasses73438 human coloration5885 kissing27637 lesbian105535 makeup28267 minidress197 open mouth183079 pink dress199 ponytail21533 sci-twinata45 sexy35355 shipping222228 sinfully sexy605 sleeveless6478 strapless2251 stripper pole2321 tongue out121564 tongue play550 twinata151


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Woah, two intense kiss images with Sci-Twi being featured, and both made by the same artist, and both are commissioned for a fanfic?! I’m dead of joy after upvoting these.
Prized Sensation!
It wasn’t what she expected to happen. But when you have three beautiful women begging for you, it’d be foolish to say no.
Sure, Sunset and the girls don’t like them much. But Sonata, Aria, and Adagio are all so sweet. So romantic and adoring… How could she not be swept away?
The more time Twilight spends with her girlfriends, the more comfortable she becomes. The constant affection, the physical worship- it’s all so wonderful.
She might even like it.