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I’m Derpy and I’m the mail carrier for both Ponyville and Cloudsdale. Though I sometimes make delivery mistakes, I still for the most part, get things done by the end of the day. I live with my daughter Dinky and she is one of the brightest kids around here. You guys seem to be new here to Ponyville. Want me to show you around?

eyes focus on the take-out box you’re holding

Ummm…Is that a box of muffins from Joe’s Donut Shop I see there? Oh, I LOVE muffins!!! My favorite flavors are cinnamon and bananas. Can you please share one with me? Please please please please……

I’m a little silly,
Kind of like a filly.
My swirly googly eyes,
Admire you handsome guys.
Just give me all your muffins,
Freshly out the oven!


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