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Description from the source:
Spike, you lucky boy
suggestive167711 artist:skylight63 rarity199393 spike85868 sweetie belle52482 dragon68595 unicorn421102 anthro304827 absolute cleavage4516 beach18608 belly button92621 big breasts101920 bikini21787 blushing231245 boob smothering730 breasts329779 busty rarity15136 busty sweetie belle2455 cleavage39686 clothes540715 dialogue77117 female1556110 heart58382 heart eyes21655 lucky bastard1815 male442391 mare589067 older32858 older sweetie belle2996 shipping224861 siblings13575 sisters11947 smothering839 sparibelle38 sparity7560 spike gets all the mares842 spikebelle836 straight155239 swimsuit33860 wingding eyes28776


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Background Pony #E2A3
No, but he’s about to suffer the nose bleed to end all nose bleeds. XD